Digital art meets acrylic paint

In my art I combine abstract painting techniques
with elaborate digital compositions. I create
those from photographs and 3D elements on the PC
and then have them printed on canvas.


The artworks get the final touch through the application
of structures and acrylic paint in the studio.
With this combination of different media I create
unique artworks in a fresh and modern style.

Modern art at a fair price

Check out my shop!
All artworks can be purchased.
You can see my asking price, but you can also tell me,
what it would be worth to you. Maybe we can get a deal.

Your photograph as Artwork

A unique work of art with your photo?
With pleasure! I create one based on your wishes and imaginations.
Vorstellungen angepasstes Werk.
Ein personalisiertes Kunstwerk ist ein perfektes
und außergewöhnliches Geschenk für jeden Anlass.

Abstract works

If you wish, I can also paint abstract works according to your wishes. It's best if you just contact me and we'll find the best solution for your purpose.

Artworks for rent

Do you want a fresh style on your walls for a limited period of time? You can also rent my works. Perfect for more variety and color in your everyday life.