Purchase options


If you want to buy a painting, feel free to contact me. The artworks can be viewed in advance. If you decide to look at a picture in advance, a cup of coffee or tea is also waiting for you.
Andernfalls schicke ich Ihnen das Bild gerne zu.

There is also the possibility to hang up a picture for a week first. So you can let the work act on you. Here you bear only the shipping costs. If you then decide to buy, you simply pay the appropriate amount.

Payment by installments

You can also pay for a work of art in installments. These are determined individually.

Art rental/Leasing

Another option, especially interesting for companies, is renting one or more artworks. You pay a monthly fee for a certain period (from 30€/picture). If the time is up, you can either send the pictures back to me or buy them for the remaining amount.

Contract work

Commissioned work varies in price. You pay only when you really like the picture.

No matter which of the options you choose, contact me directly via the contact form, direct mail or a phone call.